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Monumentous Brexit; What now?

With all the press now showing high uncertainty it is now the ideal opportunity to make sure your costs are controlled and cash flow strong.

Contact your BDM and/or Stocktaker to look at the health of your business at your next meeting to ensure you are building a cash flow pot to cover you through this uncertainty.

If not already, now is the time to get a Stocktaker in place – again, your BDM can talk further with you about this.

Contact us to see how we can help you through this transition

In times of uncertainty make sure your business is strong enough to weather the storm

…and that’s what gets results!


‘Intense uncertainty’ on the cards? Eating-out sector responds to Brexit vote

Pubs and restaurants could be facing reduced sales, increased costs and lower demand now that Britain has voted to leave the European Union, a leading analyst has warned.


It’s Brexit: Pub trade calls time on EU

Today’s the day you can have your say. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Vote in or out. Have a voice, use your opinion to help influence our future. A good read, but don’t be swayed.

brexit in or out

Heading for the Brexit? How leaving the EU would impact pubs

A must read – with input from our very own Paul Gilleran in the Tax Department


Vaping: what is the law for pubs?

Vaping – what you need to know




How quick can you passwords be hacked?

Most of us use passwords that are easy to remember and quick to type in but there are major security risks with this.

Having just found the website howsecureismypassword I have found that my standard password for my online banking amongst other sites can be hacked in less than a minute!

Passwords such as ‘birthday1’ or ‘David22’ can be cracked almost instantly.

On the other hand if you try ‘mybirthday1997’ there is a cracking time of 5 thousand years.

My advice is, log onto the above website, change all your passwords using this great sites help and stay secure online. The few extra minutes logging is nothing in comparison to what time it would take recovering from a bank or website hack.

Martin Roslyn

The summer of sport: could you be in breach of your lease?

 Law firm Stevens & Boltons Jonathan Foulds and Catherine Davey explain how pubs can stay on the right side of the law during the bumper summer of sport.


Beer Day Britain is upon us once again

Beer Day Britain (BDB Day), aka National Beer Day on 15 June is less than three weeks away. After a successful inaugural celebration in 2015 this year’s event is already bigger, with many more brewers, pubs, and retailers involved.


Atmosphere is key for fans as third go to pubs for Euro 2016

Atmosphere is the most important ingredient in attracting football fans to pubs this summer, according to this month’s Greene King Leisure Tracker. Don’t lose out this Summer.

footy this summer


Establishing the value of a pub business

There are many aspects to consider when trying to establish the value of a business.

More here: