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Auto-enrolment: What Is It and What Do I Have to Do?

With UK employers now legally required to provide an employee pension scheme, here’s a detailed step-by-step auto-enrolment guide

employee pension

Star Pubs & Bars advise licensees on Pokémon Go

Pubco Star Pubs and Bars have given advice to licensees on how to market the latest gaming craze Pokémon Go.


5 tips to make your pub more family friendly

Pubs are popular go-to venues for families to socialise and spend quality time with one another as well as meet up with other families. Yet there are many that are not making the most of their facilities to create a child-friendly atmosphere, which could put customers off. Top tips here


Smoking bans, supermarkets and the recession: how pubs overcame the hardest decade in the trade’s history

By the end of the first decade of the new century, it was being called ‘the perfect storm’, a convergence of challenges that made it one of the toughest periods the licensed trade had ever experienced. More…


Recession fears over Brexit vote

Licensees have expressed concern about the impact of Brexit on their pubs as senior trade figures called on the government to act quickly to reassure businesses and consumers


Short, medium and long-term tax implications of Brexit?

Following the Leave victory on Friday morning (24 June) and the Prime Minister’s subsequent decision to leave office in October, the government is likely to be in disarray for the next 3-4 months. Politicians and civil servants are trying to regain control of a chaotic situation with no visible long-term plan in place. More…

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What are the rules on betting in pubs?

This week’s legal Q&A focuses on the issue of pub betting regulations.



Monumentous Brexit; What now?

With all the press now showing high uncertainty it is now the ideal opportunity to make sure your costs are controlled and cash flow strong.

Contact your BDM and/or Stocktaker to look at the health of your business at your next meeting to ensure you are building a cash flow pot to cover you through this uncertainty.

If not already, now is the time to get a Stocktaker in place – again, your BDM can talk further with you about this.

Contact us to see how we can help you through this transition

In times of uncertainty make sure your business is strong enough to weather the storm

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‘Intense uncertainty’ on the cards? Eating-out sector responds to Brexit vote

Pubs and restaurants could be facing reduced sales, increased costs and lower demand now that Britain has voted to leave the European Union, a leading analyst has warned.