Roslyns are the leading pub accountants in the UK and work alongside the following pub companies:

Pub Accounting

Buying a Pub with the help of one of the UKs leading Pub Accountants.

  • Whether buying a pub or considering buying a pub with a lease you need to do your homework first. Look at the local area, pubs, clubs and hotels. How are they trading, what price are they selling products for? Get talking to local landlords, find out the history of the pub you’re going to buy and its reputation.
  • When buying a pub obtain recent accounts from the seller and barrelage figures from the brewery. Many prospective licensees forget to ask about rates, these can be up to £1,000 per week and can be a reason for not buying a pub.

Pub Accounting

  • Produce a business plan – what are you going to do to make the unit work?
  • When buying a pub you should think about:
    • local competition,
    • refurbishment,
    • promotions and new products etc.
  • Once you have produced this you should then prepare a profit and loss forecast/cash flow forecast. You can do this with the help of Roslyn’s specialised pub accountants – if we are lucky enough to obtain your business when you move in we prepare them free of charge!
  • If you are signing a lease or buying a pub ensure you have a survey completed by a qualified person, in the event of areas of concern becoming known. It doesn’t mean that you should avoid buying a pub, just negotiate with the brewery/pub company so that they remedy the faults or reduce the selling price so that you can.
  • Buying a pub/club/hotel is a time consuming business, you may well need assistance every step of the way. Roslyn’s accountants will assist you with this giving advice, support, production of information – most of this (subject to certain conditions) is free of charge.
  • Using specified pub accountants is the first step in ensuring that your venture into buying a pub is a successful one. Roslyns accountants are able to assist you and give helpful relative advice every step of the way.
  • Running a pub is a rewarding business, offering good social life, and in a lot of situations a good profit, but you must get the right advice first.
  • Good Luck!!